The Renewable Materials Conference 2024 takes place from 11-13 June in Siegburg/Cologne, Germany, (hybrid event). The conference is a one-of-a-kind event that provides a platform for showcasing impressive achievements in the field of renewable materials.

A wide range of concepts and technologies will be addressed at the conference: circularity, renewable refineries, chemical recycling and new process technologies. Technologies to produce more sustainable chemicals, building blocks, polymers, plastics, and fine chemicals based on renewable carbon: recycling, biomass, or CO2.

Up-to-date information on innovations, markets, sustainability, and political framework provides a comprehensive picture of possible future developments.

One highlight is the Innovation Award: after six pre-selected presentations, the audience will vote on the “Renewable Material of the Year 2024”.

The 29th Ibero-American Catalysis Congress (CICAT 2024) is taking place on 24-27 September 2024 in Bilbao, Spain. The 2024 congress’s theme is Catalysis: Innovating for a Changing World and it aims to attain the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Ibero-American catalysis community will gather to share experiences in person and to establish closer contacts and collaboration between researchers, professionals and students. The emphasis will be on areas of importance for the Ibero-American community.

Our consortium partner, CSIC’s Instituto de Tecnología Química (CSIC-ITQ) is joining the congress with an oral presentation on the RWGS catalyst and the results achieved in the CO2SMOS project.

The 32nd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE 2024), taking place from 24-27 June in Marseille, France, addresses the balance between sustainability in terms of the environment as well as the economic performance of the whole chain of biomass utilization, not forgetting the science. 

This conference covers all aspects of biomass, from resources, research, innovation, and deployment to policies. A particular emphasis is given through the exhibition to a tight partnership between academia, research institutions and industry.

The CO2SMOS project is thrilled to join the conference with a poster presentation showcased by our consortium partner the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH). The poster focuses on “An integrated Circular Economy-driven Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Framework for Performance Assessment of Biogenic CO2-to-chemicals Conversion Technologies”.

The IX National Congress of Industrial Microbiology and Microbial Biotechnology (CMIBM’24) will be taking place from June 10 to 12, in Madrid, at the Faculty of Physical Sciences of the Complutense University of Madrid.

The congress is a great opportunity for established and young Spanish researchers from Research Centers, Universities and Industry to meet, discuss and exchange knowledge and experiences in Industrial Microbiology and Microbial Biotechnology.

The latest advances in this constantly evolving field will be presented, including the incorporation of new disciplines and cutting-edge technologies and products, contributing to providing solutions to real environmental problems. The congress is organised in four sessions focused on 1) Synthetic and Computational, 2) Pharmaceutical, 3) Food and Environmental Biotechnology, and 4) Biocatalysis and Bioprocesses.

Our consortium partner CSIC’s Biological Research Centre (CIB) will present the CO2SMOS project and their research on the Heterologous Production of 2,3-Butanediol in Escherichia Coli” with an oral presentation.

Building upon the learnings from the previous workshop, held in December 2022, the 2nd CINEA LCA to CCUS & alternative fuels workshop has been organised to give information and share experiences when conducting LCA research in CCUS and alternative fuels projects.  

On the 7th of March, starting at 9 am (CET), the one-day workshop will feature keynote contributions, panel discussions and presentations from different EU-funded projects in the field of CCU, CCS and alternative fuels.

The objective of the online workshop is to share experiences and results of LCA studies, and address challenges considering different aspects such as low-TRL projects, system boundaries, net-zero scenarios, attributions, and benchmarking.

The Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH) will represent the CO2SMOS project and present the methodological framework applied in the project regarding LCA activities.

The CO2SMOS, VIVALDI and CATCO2NVERS projects are co-organising the workshop “Addressing Challenges and Unlocking Carbon Capture Utilization: Circular Carbon Advancement through Policy Reform”.

The aim of the online workshop, taking place on the 20th of February from 10 am – 12 pm (CET), is to present to EU policymakers and regulators the challenges and barriers perceived across the three projects and to discuss possible solutions. In particular, on what are the incentives needed to promote the uptake of alternative carbon feedstock in essential products, such as quotas under EU legislation.

The workshop will look at the different CCU pathways available to defossilize the production of chemicals, at ongoing discussions at the EU level relevant to this space, and on recommendations on how to turn around the use of fossil resources for the production of chemicals and products in general.

Challenges addressed during the workshop:

1. Harnessing the benefits of alternative carbon feedstock such as captured biogenic carbon for the production of plastics and other chemicals by creating binding targets for non-fossil carbon content (including captured carbon) in plastics and chemicals, and contributing to recycling obligations.

2. Streamlining the regulatory approval requirements for bioconversion processes in the valorisation of captured biogenic carbon through reducing the administrative red tape (registration costs, approval times, testing for the certification of equipment, third party involvement, etc.), and the harmonisation of national regulations.

3. Securing a significant market share for captured biogenic carbon chemicals and products by establishing effective market pull mechanism, whilst re-evaluating the complexity of standardisation and labeling of final products generated from CCU value chain, and ensuring that product properties respect the downstream regulations.

Check out the agenda and register HERE.

The CO2-based Fuels and Chemicals Conference is an internationally established and unique meeting and networking place for the entire Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) and Power-to-X industry and its customers.

The upcoming 12th edition of this conference will continue with this success and will showcase the newest and most important developments in the fast-growing field of CO2 capture and utilisation.

Main topics of the conference include innovation, strategy & policy in CCU, carbon capture technologies, green hydrogen production, Power-to-X for fuels (transportation and aviation), CO2-based chemicals, materials and polymers, mineralisation and advanced technologies, research for CCU, and artificial photosynthesis.

Call for abstracts: latest products, technologies or developments are welcome to be presented at the event. Deadline for submission: 26 November 2023. Find more info here.

Call for the Innovation Award 2024: producers and inventors of innovative products and technologies are invited to apply for this prestigious award by February 4, 2024. Find more info here.

On the 19th of December, Bioeconomy For Change, in partnership with Axelera and BPI France, is organising a Tech Day dedicated to the Valorisation of Biogenic CO2 Emissions in Paris, France.

The event aims to identify opportunities for CO2 recovery following the recent amendment of the European directive on renewable energies (RED II) and take stock of current and future conversion technologies and applications.

In 6 sessions, the event will address challenges and opportunities of various nature:

  1. Regulatory
  2. Financing
  3. Resources
  4. Conversion
  5. Mobilisation
  6. Action

Discover the full programme.

The Industry CCUS Conference 2023, will take place from 29-30 November 2023 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The conference brings together top-level experts from the chemical, concrete, heavy, and polymers industries to discuss the newest technological advancements, regulations, and policies as well as their onlook on the future of the usage of CO2.

After receiving a great response to COCapture, Storage and Reuse 2023, which gathered 390+ participants from 27 countries, this conference is set to bring industry stakeholders, unique content, workshops discussions and networking. During this 2-day event rich in presentations from industry end-users and running project case studies, participants will gain a comprehensive overview of the COusage technology, hear experts focusing on new regulations, changing market situations and get an opportunity to network and exchange views with industry leaders.

Please find more information about the conference and registration here.

The Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing (SIM Europe) conference and exhibition will take place from 21-22 November in Maastricht, The Netherlands, to offer delegates a deep dive into the latest solutions for sustainable manufacturing, breakthrough technology, and the future direction of industrial processes.

The SIM Europe event provides a unique opportunity to hear from 50+ expert speakers, attend keynote addresses, participate in interactive roundtable debates, and meet potential partners and sustainability experts planning for Net Zero in the exhibition hall.

Entry into SIM Europe is completely free of charge for industry professionals, government employees, members of the media, and students (18+) studying a relevant discipline.

Please find more information about the conference, exhibition, and registration here.