D1.1 Design Thinking Session Manual and Material for CO2SMOS

D1.2 Stakeholders Requirements and Market Needs

D8.1 Dissemination and Communication Plan

D1.3 Report on Selected Evaluation Indicators

D1.5 Preliminary EU CO2 Sources

D1.6 CO2SMOS Regulatory Inventory

D1.8 CO2SMOS Use Cases Short and Long Terms Plans

D8.2 CO2SMOS Website, Visual Identity and Social Media Accounts

D2.1 Upstream Processing and Upgrading of Industrial Biogenic CO2 Emissions

Scientific Paper – Worlds apart? Investigating acceptance and usage demands of carbon-based cosmetics and clothing across EU

06 May 2024

Article – Los proyectos españoles que lideran la descarbonización total de la industria química

28 April 2024

Newsletter – April 2024

05 April 2024

Article – Carbon Circularity Requires EU Action: Lessons From 3 EU Projects

27 March 2024

Scientific Paper – What makes people accept CCU products? Exploring requirements of use in the German population

09 November 2023

Article – CO2SMOS, VIVALDI and CATCONVERS: 3 Projects for the Green Transition of Chemical Industries

07 November 2023

Newsletter – October 2023

19 October 2023


05 April 2023

CO2SMOS Brochure

10 January 2023

CO2SMOS Roll-up

2 May 2022

Scientific Paper – Integrating greenhouse gas capture and C1 biotechnology: a key challenge for circular economy

15 January 2022

CATCO2NVERS, CO2SMOS and VIVALDI to support the green transition of chemical industries

7 November 2023

Converting CO2 emissions from bio-based industries into sustainable chemicals to mitigate climate change

17 June 2021