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Thanks to Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) technologies, CO2 can be captured and processed into valuable products instead of being emitted into the atmosphere. While the chemical industry is developing these solutions to transition towards circular carbon economies, it is essential to investigate the consumers’ perception of these products.

Wiktoria Wilkowska, Imke Haverkämper and Martina Ziefle, experts at RWTH Aachen University, explored the public perception of CCU-based products such as clothing and cosmetics in a study that was recently published in “Energy, Sustainability and Society” (Springer Nature).

Conjoint measurements were realized as an online experiment, addressing acceptance patterns and preferences in four European countries (Germany, Norway, Spain, and Poland), involving more than 800 participants.

The outcome provides insights into differences in Pan-European comparison and helps to understand the public motives and country-specific terms of use for CCU-based products, effectively establishing recommendations for policy and governance.

Find out the results in open access here.

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