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Our colleagues at RWTH Aachen University, our consortium partner tasked to ensure the inclusion of human factors and research the social perception and acceptance of CO2SMOS innovation and bio-products, have recently published their findings in Frontiers Energy Research journal!

The authors, Imke Haverkämper, Wiktoria Wilkowska and Martina Ziefle, explored Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) from a social science perspective. Using an empirical mixed-methods approach, they assessed public perceptions and acceptance of CCU products (e.g. clothing, cosmetics, and food packaging) in Germany by identifying motivators, barriers, and usage requirements.

The study not only shows the biggest public motivators and main concerns but also reveals a considerable lack of public knowledge about the environmental impact of CCU, highlighting a need for publicly accessible information materials.

The full scientific paper, titled “What makes people accept carbon capture and utilization products? Exploring requirements of use in the German population”, can be found in open access here.

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