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On the 27th of March, a joint article written by the CO2SMOSCATCO2NVERS and VIVALDI projects has been published on the pan-European news website Euractiv.

By exploring different solutions and business cases, the three projects aim to transform biorefineries into a new CO2-based industrial sector, contributing to largely decreasing the carbon footprint of the chemical industry and boosting the European Union economy.

Working towards the same goal, the projects collaborate to exchange know-how and tackle common challenges. In a joint workshop held on the 20th of February, representatives from the projects presented to EU policymakers and biochemical industry stakeholders the challenges arising from the EU policy framework they have ascertained during the course of their research.

The article “Carbon circularity requires EU action: lessons from 3 EU projects” gathers the results of the discussion and the key policy recommendations, such as:

  • To stop producing chemicals from fossil fuels, projects and stakeholders need EU policies to support sustainable alternatives;
  • This means rewarding the use of fossil-free carbon and encouraging companies, starts-ups & scale-ups to invest in alternatives like CCU;
  • In addition, breaking down the near monopoly of fossil fuels on manufacturing daily products and creating alternative carbon quotas for everyday products like cosmetics, textiles, packaging, plastics or cleaning products.

Read the entire article here.

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