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El Confidencial features the CO2SMOS project in the article “The Spanish projects that lead the total decarbonization of the chemical industry”!

Journalist Angel L. Martínez Cantera, journalist at the Spanish news outlet El Confidecial, wrote an article about a small selection of projects working on promising technologies for the bioindustry to transition to a circular carbon economy.

The journalist interviewed Nicolás Martín Sánchez, CO2SMOS project coordinator, to understand the project concept, objectives and impact in mitigating climate change.

The article put in the spotlight Carbon Capture and Utilisation technologies, which convert CO2 into useful material, an innovative way for the chemical industry to reduce its dependency on fossil resources. The CO2SMOS, CATCO2NVERS and VIVALDI projects are then introduced as the three leading initiatives working on these solutions and involving Spanish industries, research centers and universities.

The full article can be read here.

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