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The CO2SMOS spring 2024 newsletter has been sent to subscribers! In the newsletter, it is possible to find all the most important news to stay up-to-date with how the CO2SMOS project is proceeding.

The April edition includes many updates, including all the latest publications:

  • The article and press release announcing the collaboration with the CATCO2NVERS and VIVALDI projects.
  • The scientific paper written by RWTH Aachen University on social perception and acceptance of CO2-based products.
  • The policy article gathering all key recommendations for EU legislations to support and encourage sustainable alternatives to chemicals made from fossil resources.

But also:

  • Our consortium’s latest presentations at conferences and events.
  • The recording and presentation of our policy workshop.
  • The agenda of the most relevant events coming up this spring-summer.

Find our newsletter here and don’t forget to subscribe here.

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