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The CO2SMOS, VIVALDI and CATCO2NVERS projects co-organised the workshop “Addressing Challenges and Unlocking Carbon Capture Utilization: Circular Carbon Advancement through Policy Reform”, which was held online on February 20, 2024.

The workshop explored the different CCU pathways available to defossilize the production of chemicals, ongoing discussions at the EU level relevant to this space, and provided recommendations on how to turn around the use of fossil resources for the production of chemicals and products in general.

Each project highlighted a different set of challenges:

1. Harnessing the benefits of alternative carbon feedstock for the production of plastics and chemicals, introduced by CO2SMOS’s partner Avantium.

2. Streamlining the regulatory approval requirements for bioconversion processes valorising captured biogenic carbon, presented by Evyap, a partner of the CATCO2NVERS consortium.

3. Market opportunities and potential barriers for the market uptake of CO2-based products, exposed by Isle Utilities, exploitation experts in the VIVALDI project.

Following the project’s presentations, Algreit Dume, Policy Officer at DG GROW at the European Commission, showcased the “Transition pathway for the chemical industry” in Europe.

video recording of the webinar is available here for anybody who wants to re-watch the webinar or has missed it but is curious about the topic. The panellists’ presentations are also available here.

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