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On 6-8 March, Noë Watson, PhD Candidate at our consortium partner University of Amsterdam, presented the CO2SMOS project at the Netherlands’ Catalysis and Chemistry Conference (NCCC), where she presented the poster “Polyol electro-oxidation suitable for paired electrolysis in industry”.

The poster presented Noë Watson’s research on the oxidation of polyols with impure nickel foam electrodes. The electrodes were prepared by an electrodeposition method aiming at 1 mg/cm2 TM on nickel foam. The researcher found that low first-row transition metal impurities have a great influence on nickel foam electrodes, but that they also still show nickel-like behavior and perform C-C bond cleavage during electrolysis. The full poster can be found here.

NCCC is a unique, international forum dedicated to the exchange of innovative ideas between academic and industrial scientists in the broad fields of catalysis and chemistry research and technology.

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